Photo Editor App

About Glimpse

Glimpse is a fork of the GNU Image Manipulation Program. The goal is to experiment with other design directions and fix longstanding bugs.

Photo Editing Tutorial

Grayscale is the process of taking color away from a photo. Use the slider to mute your photos and draw attention to shapes and angles in the photo so the colors do not get distracting. Exposure is the art of making your photos brighter or darker. Darker colors can add intrigue and mystery to your images while bright images can grab the viewers attention quickly.

Contrast in images make the bright parts brighter and the dark parts darker. This can help define lines and make them sharper to the eye. The saturation of an image is the intensity of the colors. If you want your images to pop, you can turn up the saturation.

The best way to get better at editing photos is to practice and experiment. Do not be scared of experimenting and find a look that works for your images. Not everey image will look good with the same editing so you will need to try different sliders to see what looks best. Try editing the same image with two completely different styles and see what you prefer. Photo editing is an art, not a science and most importantly, have fun!!

What Users are saying?

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